Delta was founded by Herbert Tautz in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1919 and it started with manufacturing of small tools and accessories for home shops but later on the company expanded its business by entering into the foray of industrial machinery. Delta Machinery went through quite a long journey of acquisitions and was first acquired by Rockwell Manufacturing Company in 1945, later on in 1981 Pentair purchased the company and retained the ownership until 2005 when Black and Decker acquired the whole group of Pentair making Delta one of its subsidiaries.

For a professional power tool junkie, Delta power tools are a best fit because of their sturdy built, premium quality and great performance that lasts over several years. Delta pushes forward quite a variety of power tools including band saws; saw blades, bench top planers, jointers, mortisers, table sanders, spindle sanders, wood lathe machines, mobile base extensions and various other tools and accessories. As a professional or casual craftsman, you would find Delta’s offerings more than satisfactory.