About Us


Setting up an online store that sells tools is easy, cultivating a memorable shopping experience is not. Toolmarts combines all the right ingredients of online shopping while paying heed to the requirements of North American craftsmen and woodworkers to stitch an experience that can be relied on. With Toolmarts, it's all about affordable productivity.

About Toolmarts

Toolmarts is a home to a wide variety of power tools, pneumatic tools, woodworking machinery, home improvement products, precision tools, work and safety gear and related accessories that come from brands trusted by millions. There are many online retailers that sell tools but Toolmarts is uniquely positioned itself as one of the premium distributors by building mutually advantageous partnerships with major brands including JET, Delta, Skil, Bosch, Dremel, Makita, Hitachi and more. This allows us to bring a dynamic range of products at prices that compete favorably in the market.


Toolmarts was established in 1986 with a vision to make lives of North American craftsmen easier. Finding high quality tools at reasonable prices was a problem that Toolmarts solved in its earliest days. We all know success follows excellence and that's what happened in Toolmarts case as it became a one stop shop for craftsmen for buying their favorite tools and accessories. As business evolved from brick and mortar to digital, Toolmarts was one of the first power tool distributors to embrace the change.

Today with two warehouses in Southern California, we are able to bring quality tools to the professional tool user at low prices every day. Through our website we are able to provide the same quality tools across the country. Prompt shipments via United Parcel Service (UPS) can bring our special low priced tool to your shop or job site. We also stock all the accessories for these tools, so you may complete your job the right and the easy way.

Toolmarts excels in offering discount power tools, and our online store is also a massive showcase of all kinds of products from variety of big name OEMs. With Toolmarts, our customers get sterling product variety, prices that do not rip them off and prompt customer care that expands over telephone, email and social networks. Don’t just buy tools, buy complete experience at Toolmarts.

In July 2003 the company was sold to the former owner, David Drumm and a new chapter began for the Big Horn Corporation. At that time the daily management of the company remained virtually unchanged and the transition went largely unnoticed by many of the company's customers.

Fortunately, the need for unique hard to find products which enabled company's success in those early years is still with us today and the Big Horn Corporation is still dedicated to bring those products for you.

Affordable Productivity for North American Craftsman

There's nothing more disappointing than a craftsman not being able to express his skill to full effect because of the lack of an affordable tool. At Toolmarts we realized that and partnered up with major power tool manufacturers to bring an array of premium quality products at reasonable prices so every craftsman has a required tool in his hand. When the right skill combines with the right tool, good things happen and that's what Toolmarts stands for.

Mission Statement

"The idea of Toolmarts wasn't as much about selling tools as it was about empowering the North American craftsman so he's in a position to use his talent and skill effectively bringing out all the creativity and productivity that America wants and needs."