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  • Makita Tools

    Renowned for its incredibly durable and high quality power and industrial tools, Makita came into existence in 1915 but did not start selling power tools until 1958.Makita’s brand has beco...

  • Bosch Tools

    Originally founded in Germany by Robert Bosch in 1886, Bosch soon became the leader in industrial and building technologies and also claimed the dominance in automotive technology and consu...

  • Hitachi Power Tools

    Hitachi is an immensely diversified venture that started its operations in 1910 from Japan when the founder, Namihei Odaira laid the foundation in Ibaraki Prefecture. ...

  • Jet Tools

    Today Jet is a part and brand of JPW Industries; however, originally Jet was founded by Leslie P. Sussman in 1958 when company initiated its proceedings as a dealer of manual trolleys and ch...

  • Powermatic Machinery

    Leonard F. Smith was a smart and fine carpenter who made the wood talk and in 1921, he decided to sell planed lumber and for that purpose he manufactured his own planer......

  • Templaco Tools

    Templaco is one of those manufacturers that specialize in the production and distribution of specialty tools. The company has been manufacturing and operating since 1981...

  • Freud Tools & Abrasives

    Freud is one of the wholly owned subsidiaries of Bosch GmbH and is considered to be the industry leader in terms of industry-first technologies and innovation....

  • Stabile Laser Level

    The history of Stabila can be traced back to 1865 when Anton Ullrich started to manufacture folding rules. In 1886, Anton and his brother Franz patented spring loaded joint for folding rules...


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Cordless Tools

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Cordless Drills & Drivers

Cordless tools are getting more popular day by day in modern construction because of their portability. Our range of cordless drills and drivers is safer, performant and more comfortable to use in a multitude of tasks.

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Cordless Impact Wrenches & Drivers

Offering a wide array of cordless impact wrenches that pack power and performance in a compact and portable package. With these impact wrenches in your hand, you're going to enjoy every second of your job.

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Cordless Screw Drivers

Popularity of cordless tools is undeniable and cordless screwdrivers aren't any exception as thousands of professional tradesmen use them to get the job done. Buy premium quality cordless screwdrivers at most competitive online prices.

Power Tools

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Saws & Planers

Quality saws and planers facilitate you to accomplish your tasks without any hassle. They make it easy to finish any project with efficiency and timeliness offering powerful and reliable performance in demanding and challenging work conditions.

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Sanders & Polishers

Experts who know the craft well rely on premium quality sanders and polishers to get it done. Toolmarts offers a wide variety of branded sanders and polishers at competitive prices so professionals can achieve results they want.

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Dust Collection & Filtration

Keep your job sites, workshops and stations clean with high performing dust collection products. Toolmarts has all the variety and brands a professional is looking for.