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Freud EC120-IC 2-7/8 Inch x 5/8 Inch x 3/4 Inch Concave Radius Cutters

Today’s high production manufacturing plants demand reduced applied tooling costs and premium finishes. With the introduction of Freud’s next generation of Industrial Raised Panel Insert Shaper Cutters for enthusiast and manufacturing environments, these shaper cutters feature 2+2 shear technology and a replaceable insert design for unmatched flawless finishes and longer life. These innovative, new shaper cutters feature the latest in advanced shear technology design and Freud made TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide knives designed for superior quality finishes in wood for maximum life and performance. Freud’s advanced geometries take the outdated brazed technology of the past to an entirely new level by introducing a interchangeable sharpener friendly 2.0mm TiCo™ carbide cutter knives.

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Model# EC120-IC

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Freud EC120-IC Features:

  • Advanced 2+2 Cutting Design includes two large cutters that shear upward and two smaller cutters that shear downward for splinter-free, flawless finishes.
  • Red Anodized Protective Coating protects the aluminum body from abrasion extending the life of the shaper cutter.
  • Versatile Interchangeable Knives are easily interchanged during sharpenings for reduced tooling costs and minimal downtime.
  • Exclusive Freud TiCo™ Hi-Density Micro-Grain Carbide blend of Titanium Cobalt carbide allows for a sharper cutting edge, with minimal wear for dramatically longer cutting life.
  • Freud TiCo™ carbide tips have Superior Shear Angles that slices through wood fibers, leaving cross-grain cuts with virtually no sanding required.
  • 2.0mm Thick Sharpener friendly carbide extends the shaper cutter’s life through multiple sharpenings outlasting standard brazed carbide.
  • Kickback-Reducing Shoulder Design restricts the tooth bite to 1.1mm, reducing the effects of overfeeding for more controlled, clean cuts.
  • Ultimate Precision Computer Balancing with strict tolerances are achieved by using computer-based applications to balance all cutters for super smooth, chatter-free cutting.
  • All 1-1/4" bore cutters can be used with back-cutters UP230-IC and UP231-IC when using 3/4" stock. All 3/4" bore cutters can be used with back-cutters UC230-IC and UC231-IC when using with 3/4" stock.

Freud EC120-IC Specifications:

  • Overall Dia. (D): 2-7/8"
  • Bore Diameter: 3/4"
  • Carbide Height (h): 5/8"
  • Large Radius (R): 1/8"
Model# EC120-IC
Brand Freud