Superior Parts GH7 Hook Drill / Power Tool Holder with Metal Clip Belt Replaces Bigg Lugg BL1

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Product Overview

The GH7 tool holder might be a deceptively simple-looking device, but it's a breakthrough accessory on the job site. Anyone who's ever dropped a cordless drill or a nail gun off the top of a ladder or scaffolding is sure to appreciate the GH7's effectiveness. Unlike standard holsters, the GH7 swivels on your belt, so tools continue to hang down even when you bend over or sit--they don't slip out the way they can with holsters. It also folds flat to your belt when not in use, which helps keep it from hooking or getting caught. The GH7 clips to any belt, though it fastens most securely to a 2-inch belt (on wide belts, the clasp can't pinch shut). We use ours mainly for cordless drills, but it also works well for nail guns and reciprocating saws. While the GH7 might not change your life, it will make your workday a lot easier.

Product Features


  • Fully adjustable for almost any hand-held power tool
  • Use to hold cordless drills, nailers, staplers, saws, and more
  • Fits any tool belt or waist-belt and clips on and off in seconds
  • Swivels out of the way against your hip when not in use
  • Durable all metal construction

More Information

Model# GH7
Manufacturer Superior Parts