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Metabo HPT VB3616DAM 36V MV Brushless Portable #5 Rebar Bender Cutter

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UPC 717709027824
Model# VB3616DAM

Metabo HPT introduces MutliVolt™: a revolutionary power tool platform offering dual power source technology. Cordless or corded, MultiVolt gives you the choice to operate all MultiVolt tools either with a MultiVolt 36V battery or MultiVolt AC Adapter with cord. Get the power of a corded tool with the freedom of cordless. Also, no longer will production have to stop due to a drained battery. Just connect the AC Adapter with cord and keep working while the battery charges. You no longer need both a cordless and corded tool - MultiVolt™ is a one tool solution!

The Metabo HPT VB3616DA 36V MultiVolt™ Portable Rebar Bender/Cutter (4.0Ah x 2 + Charger) is the industry's first cordless rebar bender/cutter, based on the AC powered rebar bender/cutter, the VB16Y. The VB3616DA's cutting and bending performance is even greater than that of the VB16Y, thanks to its DC fan-cooled brushless motor and ultra-capable MultiVolt™ 4.0Ah battery. This tool can be used cordless OR corded when paired with the ET36A AC Adapter (sold separately).

Metabo HPT VB3616DAM 36V Rebar Bender Cutter Features:

  • Extreme Performance - Cuts approximately 270 pieces of #5 rebar per charge and bends approximately 520 pieces of #5 rebar at 90°per charge with MultiVolt 4.0Ah battery
  • Fast Cuts - Quickly cuts #5 rebar in less than 3 seconds with ultra-capable brushless motor
  • Powerful Bends - Bends up to #5 rebar in a matter of seconds. Bend 1 piece of #5 rebar, 2 pieces of #4, or 3 pieces of #3 at once
  • Dual Power Convenience - Power with the View the MultiVolt 36 Volt Battery for use anywhere or rely on the MultiVolt AC Adapter with cord when outlet power is convenient to save battery life (AC Adapter sold separately)
  • User Safety - Increased user safety with dual-step trigger and deflection guard
  • Brushless Motor Technology for more run-time, increased power, and extended durability with essentially no maintenance
  • The VB3616DA combines the dual power options and portability of the MultiVolt™ platform with the consistent, powerful performance of the AC-powered VB16Y
  • Convenient color-coated angle adjust dial allows users to set accurate bend angle up to 180° for up to #5 rebar
  • Replaceable center rollers for bends of differing diameters
  • UL Certified
  • MultiVolt Battery and Charger Technology
    • The MultiVolt™ Rebar Bender/Cutter accepts a MultiVolt battery that delivers 4.0Ah of runtime at 36V in MultiVolt tools 
    • Battery can also power Hitachi or Metabo HPT 18V slide type tools, including cordless nailers generating an impressive 8.0Ah of run time for increased flexibility and multipurpose use
    • With a 36V MultiVolt battery it's never been easier to tackle any cutting job, anywhere, with the power you need
    • Higher capacity battery cell technology with 21700 cells that deliver over 1,440W of power - roughly 46% more capacity than a standard 18650 cell battery resulting in longer runtime and increased power output
    • 4-Stage fuel gauge located on the face of the battery to make it easier to monitor the charge status
    • MultiVolt battery pack is compact and lightweight at only 2.1lbs, eliminating and added bulkiness or weight
    • Multiplex Protection Circuit in the battery communicates with the tool and charger preventing from over-load, over-charge, and over-discharge to improve safety and ensure a long battery life
    • MultiVolt battery charges in 52 minutes using the UC18YSL3 charger
    • Charger has a built-in USB port that can charge USB enabled devices
    • Charger will also charge Hitachi and Metabo HPT 18V slide type batteries in addition to MultiVolt batteries

Metabo HPT VB3616DAM Rebar Bender Cutter Specifications:

  • Voltage: 36V
  • Battery Type: 36V Lithium Ion Slide-Type
  • Battery Amp Hour: 4.0Ah
  • Battery Included: 2
  • 36V MultiVolt AC Adapter: Compatible (Not Included)
  • Cutting Time - #5 Rebar: ~ 2.6 seconds
  • Cuts Per Charge - #5 Rebar (w/ MultiVolt 4.0Ah Battery): ~ 270
  • Cuts at One Time: #3 Rebar: 2 Cuts
  • Cuts at One Time: #4 Rebar/#5 Rebar: 1 Cut
  • Bending Time at 180° - #5 Rebar: ~ 3.8 seconds
  • Bends Per Charge at 90° - #5 Rebar (w/ MultiVolt 4.0Ah Battery): ~ 520
  • Bends at One Time: #3 Rebar: 3 Bends
  • Bends at One Time: #4 Rebar: 2 Bends
  • Bends at One Time: #5 Rebar: 1 Bend
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 20.5" x 9" x 9.6"

Metabo HPT Standard MultiVolt™ Rebar Bender/Cutter accessories include:

  • (2) 36V MultiVolt™ 4.0Ah batteries (372121M)
  • Rapid Charger w/ USB Port (UC18YSL3)
  • Deflection Guard


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Model# VB3616DAM
UPC 717709027824
Brand Metabo HPT
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