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We are actively taking directions from health, local and other government authorities regarding COVID 19 as safety is our highest priority at Toolmarts.

Because of the lock down caused by the pandemic, many tool manufacturers supply chain deliveries especially (DeWalt) are taking a lot longer to process orders at this time, which is resulting in longer than normal delivery times to our warehouse. .

In regards to the valued business of our customers, we are trying our best to manage these deliveries and shipping out orders for in-stock items daily, but please note that delays are possible due to current and changing conditions.

We hope for everyone’s safety, health and a quick return towards normalcy.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Free, Sequential and Contact firing modes mode

Choose the right trigger system for your specific needs!

Free Actuation

It is the least safe and simplest of all firing modes. The user need not to depress the safety element and can start shooting nails.

Sequential Actuation Trigger (also known as restrictive trigger)

Operates in the following sequence - depress the safety element at the nose of tool against the work surface then pull the trigger. After each fastener is driven, release the trigger and lift the tool of the work surface before starting the sequence again. This trigger is recommended and acceptable for most applications.

Contact Actuation Trigger(also known as dual action, bounce or bottom fire)

Operates in the following sequence - pull the trigger first and keep the trigger pulled while moving the tool along the work surface with a bouncing motion, depressing the safety element at the nose of the tool against the work surface where the fastener is to be driven. This trigger is recommended for use by trained professionals only in high production or volume application.