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Baileigh CS-475AV 220V 3Phase Heavy Duty Automatic Cold Saw 16 Inch Blade Diameter

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UPC 731325059885

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Cutting stock to length all day, every day? With this automatic cold saw, you just input the number and length you want. The machine handles the rest! A steel frame ensures pristine cuts.

Baileigh CS-475AV Heavy Duty Automatic Cold Saw Features:

  • The CS-475AV automatic cutoff saw accepts up to a 17” blade.
  • Cuts up to 4.92” tube.
  • 4 blade speeds (35, 60, 70, and 120 rpm) let you make quality cuts in many kinds of material.
  • 5 hp blade motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • Non-mitering column design gives this circular saw the structural strength to make burr-free cuts in large material.
  • Automatic system makes the operator’s job easy. Just put the material in. The vise will feed it until all repeat cuts are made.
  • You can program the length, number of pieces, descent and retract rate, and the coolant rate.
  • Touchscreen interface makes it easy to set up the automatic material feeding, hydraulic vise clamping, and cutting.
  • Controller displays the length of cut and the current operation.
  • Series of user-adjusted switches determines the cut length.
  • You can switch the metal cold saw machine to manual mode for everything except feeding.
  • Material feed system includes adjustable floating vise that opens to more than 5”.
  • Saw uses up to 3 strokes between cuts to achieve a maximum cut length of 77” when feeding material.
  • 3 hp motor controls the hydraulic vise—enough clamping force to push and pull over a ton and keep the material in place.
  • Vise gives you the option to adjust the speed and clamping pressure.
  • Dial indicator shows the vise pressure and speed, so you can check the clamping and pace for precision.
  • Rugged steel construction weighing 6,600 lbs. minimizes vibrations for years of accuracy.
  • Flood coolant system improves the cut quality and extends the life of the blade and the machine.
  • Designed for convenient maintenance. You can slide out the pump, cylinders, reservoir on a drawer to change the hydraulic fluid.
  • Large operator safety guard protects you from flying metal debris.
  • Emergency light flashes if the machine detects a problem or safety issue.

Baileigh CS-475AV Specifications:

  • Item Number CS-475AV
  • Max. Blade Diameter 17" - 16" standard
  • Operation Automatic
  • Head Miter None
  • Round Solid at 90° 3"
  • Rectangle Tube at 90° 5.11" x 3.15"
  • Square Tube at 90° 4.92" 4.92"
  • Round Tube at 90° 4.92"
  • Coolant System Yes
  • Vice Style Single Action with Floating Feed
  • Max. Vice Opening 5.9"
  • Head Style Column
  • Arbor Size 1.26"
  • Motor 5 hp
  • Blade Speed Four-Speeds, 35 / 70 & 60 / 120 (rpm)
  • Power 220V / 3-phase
  • Shipping Weight 3600lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 90x49x89
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Model# 1002594
SKU 731325059885
Brand Baileigh
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