Hardin HD-234SS Stainless Steel Tabletop Melting Furnace with 2kg Crucible 110 Volt 1.5KW

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Hardin HD-234SS Stainless Steel Tabletop Melting Furnace with 2kg Crucible 110 Volt 1.5KW.

Made with world leading 14 gauge Swedish Kenthal industrial heating elements. The best heating elements in the world! The thicker gauge makes them rugged and they last much longer than the 16 gauge so common in many furnaces on the market today. Our Hardin-HD-234SS 1.5KW 71 oz metallurgical smelting furnace is a compact electric furnace for melting scrap, reclaiming, alloying, and refining various metals. Perfect for pouring melted metals in casting operations when making bars or buttons. Works with high-karat gold, silver, copper, brass, and bronze. The electronic feature regulates the temperature by providing full power input to the coil until a selected temp is reached.

Melting Capacity:

Melting Capacity

Product Features

Important to note, usually when you set temperatures, especially when first heating up the furnace, the actual read-out and temperature reached is going to be 50-100 degrees more than what you set the furnace to. That is perfectly normal. But eventually the temperature will come back down and stabilize and will hold to a +/- 5F. Setting the temp is easy. It requires you to "set" twice. Plug the unit in (fan comes on) and flip the on switch. Using the "down" button take the digital display's number to the temperature you want to set to. For example, gold melts at 1,948°F. So using the "down" button you set the temperature to 1,948°F. You then hit "set". A screen full of zeros will appear. The next step is to via a combination of ">", "down", and "up" buttons set the numerical value to the same as before; in this case 1,948°F. Push "set" button. You have successfully set the temperature.


  • 14 Gauge Swedish Kanthal Heating Element
  • Continuous Run 4 1/2 Fan Too Keep Electronics Cool
  • Power - 1500 WATT 110 Volt
  • 30-45 Minutes to Melting Temps 2192° Farenheit Max / 1200° Celcius (Display In Farenheit)
  • 2 kilogram High Purity Graphite Crucible, Tongs, & Extra Thermocoupler Included
  • Can be used to Melt Aluminum

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Model# HD-234SS
UPC 645710881510

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