Pls Laser

Pacific Laser System laser tools are designed to provide craftsmen with the luxury of transferring critical layout reference data and hard figures for any work site job. All Pacific Laser System tools have a convenient ability to level themselves; they have a compact footprint and are durable tools for laser alignment. Every survey guy or contractor needs to perform easy but fundamental alignment tasks at the work site. Without reference data, material installation and QC, a project cannot be completed with precision. And that’s where PLS tools come in quite handy with their accurate and precise results.

Although hand levels are cheaper but they take much more time to determine the job layout, while on the other hand PLS laser tools can finish the task within no time with their quick and precise measurements. PLS offers a wide range of precision laser tools that include cases, laser detectors, laser detector remotes, optical levels, level rods, self leveling rotating lasers and many more accessories. If you are a contractor or a tradesman looking for a gadget to measure layout data quickly and accurately, PLS laser tools can be of great help.

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