Oasis Machinery TJ1010 Universal Table Saw Tenoning Jig

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Brand: Oasis Machinery
Model #: TJ1010
Condition: New
applies only within the 48 contiguous United States
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Oasis Machinery TJ1010 Tenoning Jig lets you use your table saw to cut tenons, lap joints, and more. With two ergonomic handles, you'll be able to make smooth cuts every time easily and comfortably. Assembly is quick and straightforward, and the beauty and precision of the jig will be apparent during your calibration and setup. The jig accommodates angled joints and miters by having adjustable stops letting you cut from 45 to 90 degrees.

Oasis Machinery TJ1010 Table Saw Tenoning Jig Features:

  • Make simpler cutting tenons and other joints with your table saw
  • Fits left and right tilting table saws with 3/8” x 3/4” miter gage grooves
  • Maximum stock size 3 1/4”
  • 90° positive stop for accurate cuts
  • 90° to 45° backstop with adjustable 90° positive stop
  • Multi position control lever for easy adjustment

Oasis Machinery TJ1010 Specifications:

  • Fits: 3/8-in x 3/4-in Miter Slot

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