Metabo KHE 96 2 Inch SDS-MAX Electronic Combination Hammer (600596420)

SKU: 600596420

Metabo KHE 96 2 Inch SDS-MAX Electronic Combination Hammer (600596420) Description:

Metabo KHE96 is a 2 Inch SDS-MAX Electronic Combination Hammer  (60059642). Metabo VibraTech (MVT): reduced vibration levels and therefore less impact on joints due to the integrated damping system on the handles. Easy to hold in all working situations: three rubber-coated handles always ensure an optimal holding position.

Metabo KHE96 Combination Hammer Features:

  • Suitable for bits and accessories with SDS-max shank end
  • With the appropriate accessories, it is also suitable for bits and accessories with spline shank or ratio thread
  • Additional handle can be fitted to three places on the housing
  • The adjustable front handle can be rotated 360° and the angle adjusted
  • Long, slim design for an upright working position when performing tasks at ground level
  • Rotation stop
  • Vario Tacho Constamatic (VTC) full-wave electronics
  • Thumbwheel for preselection of speed
  • Electronic soft start for precise spot-drilling
  • Pneumatic high-performance hammer mechanism
  • Die cast aluminium gear housing
  • Torque limiting clutch
  • Stoppable switch for trouble-free chiselling in continuous operation
  • Chisel can be fixed in 16 positions
  • Auto-stop carbon brushes
  • Brush wear indicator

Metabo KHE 96 Specifications:

  • No-load speed: 125 - 250 /min
  • Rated input power: 1700 W
  • Output power: 850 W
  • Max. impact rate: 1950 /min
  • Max. single impact energy: 27 J
  • Collar diameter: 2 7/8 "
  • Bit retainer: SDS-max
  • Torque: 1062 in-lbs
  • Drill diameter Inch:
    • Concrete with hammer bits: 2 Inch
    • Concrete with router bits: 3 5/32 Inch
    • Concrete with core bits: 5 29/32 Inch

Metabo KHE 96 Includes:

  • Metabo VibraTech (MVT) side handle
  • Drilling depth guide
  • Lubricant for tool shank end
  • Duster
  • Carry case

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