Interstate Pneumatics

Interstate Pneumatics is a manufacturing concern that works under the well known and reliable umbrella of American General Tool Group (AGTG) and specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing of pneumatic tools, air fittings and similar products. Interstate Pneumatics is a familiar name in craftsmen circle as a brand that provides value by giving branded quality at a much lower price. Company’s products have got some stellar reviews on Amazon and other shopping sites confirming the quality and performance of Interstate Pneumatics’ offerings.

For a brand that’s focused on providing value to its customers, Interstate Pneumatics have got quite a wide variety of products on offer that includes air blow guns, accessories for air compressors, air tool oils and lubes, automotive couplers and plugs, air spray guns, drain valves, FRL parts, general purpose pressure gauges, safety valves, PVC hoses, tire chucks, tire pressure gauges and tens of other products of similar type. If you are consumer looking for great value for every dollar spent, then Interstate Pneumatics has got a lot to offer.

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