Bessey Tools

Bessey Tool GmbH is a family-owned German company that came into existence in 1889. The company is notorious all over the globe for the production of highest quality steel, and it was Bessey that first introduced the line of malleable cast iron bar clamps in 1936 and in 1952 they also showcased their expertise by pioneering heat-treated, all steel L clamps. Bessey Tool GmbH is now considered to be one of the largest hand tool clamp manufacturers in the world that has its reach in more than 100 countries with a catalog of more than 1300 woodworking and metalworking clamp tools.

If you are searching for premium quality clamps that are engineered to perfection and will last forever then Bessey might be your only choice with a great range of clamps and accessories that includes angle clamps, edge clamps, C-clamps for woodworking, C-clamps for metalworking, inspection tools, J Series clamps, jab saw, knives, pipe and strap clamps, spring clamps, shop floor clamps and dozens more. With Bessey clamps and accessories, you will always get the bleeding edge technology.

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